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Books that I would like to see as Movies

Hello everyone! Today I shall unleash my geeky nerdy self and talk about two of my favorite things: Books and Movies.

More specifically, books I would love to see as movies.

I read a whole lot so every so often I come across a book that reads quickly, lacks nothing in pacing or characters, and leaves such brilliant imprints upon my imagination that I would love to see those visuals taken to the screen, sometimes even thinking of perfect actors to depict the characters and the various camera shots that could be used to make the scene exactly how I imagined it.

Half of me doesn’t want to put this list out there because I know there are so many books that have absolutely terrible and inaccurate movie representation (usually the book is so long that there is no way the movie could give it justice) and I would like to protect these books from that fate as much as possible, but I shall do it anyway!

#1Heartless (Tales of Goldstone Wood, #1)

The Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

Whoops. I’ve already deviated from the criteria for this list by mentioning a series instead of a book. Oh well.

So the books I would love to see in movie format from this series would be Veiled Rose and Dragonwitch, but seeing as how they are not the first book in the series, it would be pointless to start from there and Heartless (the first book) is wonderful too. All of the books are vivid with wonderful descriptions that take you straight into the wood between and the realms of faerie, strong plots and characters, and would probably make a very good movie if it was done right.


The rest of the Narnia books.

I’ve read the Narnia books several times and, while not necessarily thinking they’d make great movie material at the time of reading (I was only just beginning to immerse myself into the world of fandom), I absolutely loved The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as the movie. So I know that it is possible to make a very good, very accurate portrayal of Narnia on screen. Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader weren’t as great and I am dreading The Silver Chair because I heard they’re recasting everything (if it ever even happens. I’ve been hearing rumors about it for five years), but I have hope that someday the all the books can be made into movies that match up with the excellence of the first one.

#3Isle of Swords (Isle of Swords, #1)

Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson.

I love anything involving pirates.

I love any movie involving pirates. *starts humming Pirates of the Caribbean theme song*

And I need a movie of at least one of Wayne Thomas Batson’s books. They’re all amazing!


The Percy Jackson series!!

(shh….we’re pretending the movies don’t exist….)

I would love to see all the wonderful elements of the greek mythological world blended with our own while watching Percy and his friends go on quests without the butchering of the plot and character descriptions that happened in the movies…

Oh right. We’re pretending the movies don’t exist.

#5Reckless (Mirrorworld, #1)

Reckless by Cornelia Funke.

I haven’t finished reading the series yet, so this is a recent read, but I loved how detailed the world was and I longed to have visual representation more than what my limited imagination could produce, and the story was so well paced with wonderful characters (and a shapeshifter :)) that I couldn’t help but long to see it as a movie.

Or if they can’t do this book as a movie, at least make Inkspell and Inkdeath into movies.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

So I’m not as obsessed with this one as my author is, but I did enjoy reading it and together we were both disappointed by the movie that they made.

Yes. I’m breaking the rules again. I’m good at that.

The movie that they made to represent this book fell short on so many levels. It did have the good visuals and wonderful actors, but it destroyed what I loved the most about the story. It removed Max’s stories, which I think were central to the plot. I want a movie that can condense some of the longer parts (like the movie did) but doesn’t remove anything important to the story.



After compiling this, I am getting a strong urge to join the film industry.

Time to brush up on my scriptwriting skills and save up for a camera…

Sorry this isn’t a very long list, but if I were to put all my recommendations for movies we would be here for several days, and I’ve barely read all the books in the world. And honestly I could write an entire list on books that deserve a better movie adaptation and that would keep us here even longer, but I don’t want to keep you for longer than I have to.

Have a wonderful day! Summer vacation is just around the corner!!

Let me know in the comments if there are any other books you would like to see turned into movies!





13 thoughts on “Books that I would like to see as Movies

  1. I could definitely help you contribute to the books that deserve better movies….The Giver and Johnny Tremain are the two that immediately popped into my head.
    Also, after watching the animatic “Prince of My Dreams” I want to see Heartless as a musical. 🙂


      1. That would be amazing! But I’ve been having trouble thinking of other songs they would sing besides “Prince of My Dreams”. Anyone got any ideas?


      2. Well, Gervais does sing a song to Una at one point in the book, so they could include that. I’m also picturing the Dragon singing a “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” spiel where he’s asking her to let him kiss her.


      3. *snort* I can just see that. Though if it were me, i’d just hit the dragon over the head with something and eat the cookies. He’s evil, and therefore he does not deserve the cookies.


      4. And there should be a song that Leonard sings–and Aethelbald. I would LOVE for Eanrin to have a song, but I don’t know if that’s possible in Heartless (in the other movies, definitely. I can just see some of the songs he would sing, especially in Moonblood and Dragonwitch! BEHOLD THE SASS!)


  2. For a minute, I misread “the Book Thief” as “the Queen’s Thief”, and I was all excited and going like ‘wait, there’s a movie of that? where? how much money is it? IT MUST BE MINE YESSS–oh. wait. whoops.”
    *heart shrivels and dies*
    Anyway, those are all excellent recommendations. Personally, the one I really want to see as a movie is Golden Daughter–or maybe Draven’s Light. And Starflower. And Dragonwitch and Moonblood and Veiled Rose and Heartless… lol


    1. Hmm…should have added that series to the list too. That would make for an interesting movie. I love the world in those books.
      Golden Daughter would be hard to turn into a movie, probably just because of the sheer size, but I could see it as a miniseries or just a very long movie…


      1. Honestly, I would watch those movies just for Eugenides. He’s one of my favorite literary characters ever, up there with Legolas and Finrod and Beleg and Glorfindel and Eanrin.


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