Of the Second Author of this Blog (because he doesn’t like to be left out)

Heiliel! That’s how you say hello and goodbye where I come from. My author tells me it’s like the word aloha that the Hawaiians use (though I don’t know who these Hawaiians are. My only guess is that they have something to do with Hawaiian pizza).

Anyway, I should probably introduce myself. I am Lord Nikkenel Balonsson of the House of Tale, and I come to you from the distant past to regale you with my awesomeness. (Just kidding ;)). But my friends call me Nikken, and I hope you will too!

Because you’re probably very curious about me, I’m going to steal one of Jese’s ideas and make a list about myself (no, it’s not plagiarism, it’s imitation. Best form of flattery, and all that. Why would you think it’s plagiarism?).

  • I am also extroverted. Very much so.
  • While I do really, really love apple pie, it’s not my favorite kind (shhh! Don’t tell Jese). My favorite is the berry pie my mammami makes for special occasions and holidays, like Summer’s Eve or the Day of the Ships.
  • I am actually a twin. My brother Tory is the older one, and we look almost identical, except Tory is obsessed with neatness and always tries to comb his hair back into a tail or something (an effort that often ultimately fails). I am not so foolish, and strive to leave my hair the way the Father made it (unless Mammami goes after it with her Brush of Doom). I also have a little sister, Astera, but I’m closer to Tory–probably because we’re twins.
  • I, too, an am imaginary friend, and I belong to the best friend of Jese’s author. But, unlike Jese, I actually do live in this world, except I live a long, long time ago (but not in a galaxy far far away, fyi), and in a country that doesn’t technically exist. I would tell you more, but my author is tyrannical and doesn’t like me to tell you guys *too* many secrets (she’s one of those authors that holds onto her secrets and plot points like my brother holds onto honey biscuits).
  • Even though I am only fourteen years old, I am a general. My author tells me I have a great ability for strategy and much bravery, but my cousin the High Prince said making me a general will probably be the doom of us all. I prefer to listen to my author’s point of view.

Since Jese is going to take care of writing the stories and impassioned fandom bursts, I’ll be here to give you all sorts of recipes and funny tales. My aim is to pleased.

Until next time!

May the light of the Father’s Star shine always upon your sword,






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